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The Coach Program

The Coach's Mission

“To provide a safe and secure environment for high school students to engage with their schoolwork,
​interact with other students, and learn new skills in order to become better versions of themselves”

Our Vision

Offer a safe, secure environment for youth four days a week.
Give additional educational support to students through tutoring sessions.
Allow students to engage with others in healthy ways through group activities and “Life Skill Coaching” to build moral character and community pride in the lives of Branch County’s youth.
To help student learn new life skills in order to become better versions of themselves;
increasing sel​f-confidence, equipping them with resources and job skills for future success.

Who Can Participate?

Students enrolled in high school – grades 9-12 who are:

Referred to the program by school faculty
​Students who apply directly to the program, applications can be picked up in the Eby Center Main office or by clicking the links below, printing and filling them out and bringing them in or mailing them to:
Coach Eby Youth & Family Center
89 W. Chicago St
Coldwater, Mi. 49036

What to Expect from the Coach Program

Academic Time
Tutoring will be offered three times a week for one hour. 
The sessions will give students the opportunity to work on their homework at their own pace and be able to ask questions on their different school subjects. 
Adult volunteers will work with students at their requests
and obtain additional academic help when needed. 

Group Activities/Social Connection
The Coach will provide activities for the students which will emphasize interaction and community relations.  We want to promote relational entertainment and activities.
Whether playing board games or participating in team building activities.
the students will have the opportunity for healthy engagement outside a school setting.

Life Skills Coaching
Skills sessions in a range of different fields will be provided by local community members
and organizations on a weekly, monthly or on-time basis.

Faith 15
“The Faith 15” is a spiritual optional for students to hear from volunteers or invited community leaders
who will offer a short based presentation to students about a life rooted in Biblical principles.

In an effort to provide a healthy environment for the students, we will provide daily healthy snacks. 
We will also have food “grab bags” for anyone who would like to have them – no questions asked.

The Coach “Store”
 Students will have opportunities to earn “Coach Bucks” through:
Attendance to the program
Participation in group activities 
Academic improvement
Completion of 
assigned daily jobs
Volunteering for other Coach Eby Center activities
Students will be able to redeem “Coach Bucks” in the “Coach Store”  for rewards, such as:
Gift cards for food or activities
School Spirit wear
Pick-a-Price – $25, $50, $75 or $100 
Along with other age appropriate items

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